If you need any information about an article, please contact us by the form or by email.

Our website is not yet translated but here are a couple of informations in order to help you in your shopping:
  • Delivery : we can send your order in France, DOM-TOM (French oversea territories) or European Union. To know the amount of delivery charges, just add items in the cart (panier) and choose the feeting destination. We send your order during the 24h after we receive the paiement, except week-end.
  • Are these articles new ones? We sell mainly new article but for old model, sometime we have second hand items. Only the new articles have the Article neuf mention. If an article has comme neuf mention, it means the state of the article is perfect but it was bought from private individual. Second hand item can have très bon état (=very well) or bon état (=well) mention.
  • Indisponible? It means the item is no longer available. It can be for a short time. If somebody add the item to the cart, or did book it a couple of days ago, then cancel the order, the item can be available again. If it is an article we bought form the producer directly, if it is still available in the producer stock, we can order new ones. If the article wear the trade mark of a shop as Mots d'enfant, Tex, Kitchoun, Pommette, etc, it will be likely impossible to have new ones because we cannot buy them to the producer.
  • How to pay? You can pay by bank transfert, bank card or french cheque.
  • More questions? Please contact us!